26 abril, 2017

Final public deliverables

In this page you will find all the final public deliverables submitted by the HI-LED project to the European Commission.

D7.7.5 – Final Progress Report – Publishable summary D7.7.5 – Final Progress Report – Publishable summary

D1.1.5 Integration of sensors and control strategies report D115

D2.2.6 Life cycle analysis D226

D.4.4.12 Demonstration of light-induced effects on human alertness, cognition and perception D4412

D.4.4.13 Demonstration of intelligently controlled changes in light spectra that arise in response to human behavioural patterns and influence sleepiness D4413

D4.4.22 Definition of optimal rhythm of changing SSL emission D4422

D.4.4.23 Establishment of SSL lighting strategy to promote health promoting compounds D4423

D.4.4.24 Intelligent on line system for monitoring and controlling the efficiency of the SSL-crop system D4424

D.4.4.25 Optimisation of spectral distribution of SSL lighting in the crop plant based on Functional structural plant modelling D4425

D.4.4.26 Tested optimal SSL lighting strategies for optimal growth, health promoting compounds in the fruit and low energy use D4426

D.4.4.32 Specification of optimized LED SPDs for dominant pigments D4432

D.4.4.33 Market survey on possible LEDs to be applied in LED module D4433

D.4.4.37 Final specifications D4437

D.4.4.38  Test results of final prototype module D4438

D5.5.1 Report on final specifications with a empirical proof on claims for human health D551

D5.5.2 Report on final specifications with a empirical proof on claims for high productivity horticulture D552

D5.5.3 Report on final specifications with a empirical proof on claims for illumination of artwork D553

D.6.6.5 Report of 2nd Workshop D665