29 marzo, 2016

Second HI-LED workshop 2016

2nd workshop HI-LED “ Spectrally – Tunable LED and OLED lighting”

Workshop Focus

The second HI-LED workshop event would be held on Festspielhaus Bregenz, Austria, September 21st, 2016. This is a scientific meeting focused on advances in spectrally and tunable solid state lighting for art work, horticulture and human centric lighting supported by the FP7 Framework programme and hosted by Catalonia Institute for Energy Research Institute (IREC) and co-llocated during the LED professional symposium + Expo LPS 2016 event.


This workshop organized by the EU FP7 HI-LED project aims to attract the participation of lighting professionals, photonics researchers, lighting manufacturers, end users from European museums, horticulture growers, health care centers, ICT research organizations as well as analysts and investors interested in smart lighting sector.
HI-LED-2016 workshop will provide an international forum to foster solid state lighting SSL related entrepreneurship and innovation, share experiences, increase awareness of innovative LED and OLED lighting and research results.
Thematic priorities in this workshop include the next topics: Museum lighting, Tunable lighting systems for biological rhythms adaptation and hormone balance, Solid State Lighting (SSL) for mood and cognitive performance and SSL for non visual pathways stimulation, horticulture lighting, Tuneable OLED lighting.

Event Profile
The workshop has an international perspective, and encourages the attendance of speakers around the world. The event ensures a stimulating, high quality networking environment, providing an opportunity to share knowledge and experience with potential innovation and research partners.

Abstract submission for poster presentations:

Authors are invited to submit an abstract of a half to one page (font 11, including figures and references) Contributions will be accepted for poster presentation. Required poster size: The posters should have a maximum size of DIN A0 (841 x 1189 mm) preferably in a portrait format (not landscape format). Pins and similar pads will be provided by the organizer. Abstracts can be sent to (jehiguera@irec.cat ).

Deadline for posters September 1, 2016

Interested authors are required to submit an extended paper to publish in a book according to the following criteria:
• Authors should only submit original work that has neither appeared elsewhere for publication, nor under review for another publication or conference.
• The contributions shall be written in ENGLISH.
• The contributions shall be minimum 4-pagelong (including abstract, tables, figures and references) in A4 format.
• The contributions shall be prepared in electronic format (.pdf) using the template downloadable at http://www.led-professional-symposium.com/call-for-papers
• A copyright form, properly filled and signed, must be submitted.
• Extended papers for HI-LED book have to be submitted no later than July 30th, 2016.


HI-LED INTRODUCTION: Dr.  Josep Carreras  Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Spain


  • Keynote 1: Anya Hurlbert, Newcastle University, UK
  • Keynote 2: Prof. Dr. Christian Cajochen, Head Centre for Chronobiology University of Basel
  • Demo Session 1: HI-LED Tuneable LED Engines (Camaleon and LED-OLED prototypes)


  • Keynote 3: Tom Dueck Wagenigen UR,
  • Keynote speaker : Dr. Phillip Davis. Stockbridge Technology Centre. ”Plant light responses and their manipulation for horticultural purposes”
  • Demo Session 2: Tuneable digital light engines for horticulture (IRTA-Hortilux)



  • Keynote 5: Ferenc Szabo, Pannonia University
  • Keynote 6: Dr. Sérgio Nascimento, Department of Physics, University of Minho. “Best lighting for visual appreciation of artistic paintings”
  • Demo Session 3: Tuneable  LED Engines for museums, Hybrid LED-OLED Engine (HI-LED light engine prototype)


Technical commitee

Josep Carreras – Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Spain

Mariano Perálvarez – Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Spain

Jorge Higuera Portilla – Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Spain

Rubén Mohedano – LPI, Spain

Julio Chaves – LPI, Spain

Ferec Szabo – University of Pannonia, Hungary

Anja Dieleman – Wagenigen UR, Netherlands

Tom Dueck – Wagenigen UR, Netherlands

Michael Törker – Frahunhofer FEP, Germany

Xavier Aranda – IRTA, Spain

Juan Ignacio Montero – IRTA, Spain

Pere Muñoz – IRTA, Spain

Marco Brok – Hortilux, Netherlands

Anya Hurlbert – Newcastle University


LED professional symposium + Expo LPS 2016. Festspielhaus Bregenz, Austria


September 21st, 2016 (13:30-18:00)


(6 keynotes + poster session + 3 demo sessions)

Poster Session:

The poster session is open to encourage the participation of university students and researchers in solid state lighting, smart lighting, horticulture lighting, human centric lighting and museum lighting. The Best Paper Award will be given to an outstanding paper in the field of LED and OLED lighting. Deadline for poster contributions September 1, 2016

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