Solve the Housing Crisis with Blockchain and DeFi

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• The housing crisis is not a crisis of prices, but of supply. There are 4.5-7 million homes missing from the market.
• Home Construction Collective is leveraging blockchain technology to fund the construction of starter homes that first-time buyers can afford.
• By increasing the availability of affordable homes, blockchain technology could help reduce wealth inequality and increase access to financial resources.

The Housing Crisis

The prices of houses are sky-high all around the world, and homebuyers are feeling the pain. According to Home Construction Collective co-founders Isaac Lidsky and Erich Wasserman, this isn’t due to high prices, but rather an issue of supply; we have systematically underproduced homes for decades, leaving us short between 4.5 million to 7 million homes today. This has had a profound impact on younger generations who face difficulty in affording a home, as homeowners have 40 times more net worth than renters on average.

Home Construction Collective

Home Construction Collective is attempting to leverage blockchain’s coordination and fundraising potential in an effort to fund the construction of starter homes – or homes that first-time buyers can afford – in order to increase their availability and reduce wealth inequality by providing greater access to financial resources.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Home Construction Collective is focused on financing the construction of starter homes through decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi allows users to raise funds without relying on traditional banking institutions or intermediaries such as governments or corporations, making it easier for them to invest in projects like home construction with lower costs and less risk involved compared with traditional methods.

Benefits Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has many advantages when it comes to coordinating financing for these types of projects. It provides increased transparency throughout the process by allowing users full visibility into where their funds are going at all times while also reducing transaction costs due its decentralized nature and eliminating third party intermediaries who would otherwise take cuts out of investments made into projects such as home building which can be costly over time if done through traditional methods like banks or other lenders who charge fees for their services . Additionally, it allows for fast transactions which means investors can get returns quickly if they choose so that they can reinvest elsewhere or use for other purposes without having wait long periods before they see a return on their investments .


Through its utilization of DeFi and blockchain technology, Home Construction Collective hopes to provide solutions towards solving our current housing crisis by making it easier for people around the world access affordable housing options while also reducing wealth inequality among different generations by providing them with greater access financial resources than ever before possible